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1428 Carbide Taper Neck Holder

配合捨棄式抗震刀頭 Ø1~Ø6 ,刀桿長度 100L~200L
鎖牙式刀頭錐度與刀桿完美配合.垂直度: 5μm,真圓度: 2μm
Taper Neck Holder for head end mill dia. Ø1~Ø6.
The range of Holder length is 100mm to 200mm.
Roundness: 2μm, Perpendicularity: 5μm
The exchangeable mill heads can be changed quickly,easily and accurately between various operations. With a quick tool change, you are able to get the perfectly suited end mill type, radius variation, teeth frequency, geometry and grade.

1428 钨钢锥度抗震延长杆

1428 Solid Carbide Holder, Anti Vibration Taper Neck Type